MikeIT Consulting

Disaster Recovery Plans

A critical part of any organisation’s infrastructure is mitigate risks to ensure that business can resume as normal should there be data loss, technology failure or other outside impact.

Mike IT provides consulting services to offer advice and solutions to cover a wide range or potential risks you may face. We can assist in the review or creation of disaster recovery plans and strategy, advise on how to reduce your exposure to risks and consult on appropriate technology and infrastructure.

IT Strategy

At MikeIT we believe that by partnering with our clients and acting as a trusted business advisor, we can support your business growth to achieve your goals. We help business owners and management to develop and manage their business technology strategy to reduce costs and maximize value from IT infrastructure.

MikeIT can solutions and services tailored to your business in the areas of training, project management, IT system reviews, network, web and software management.

Security Auditing

Security and integrity of your systems and data is becoming increasingly important as online attacks and fraud are on the increase. MikeIT can help to minimise the risk and disruptions to business by ensuring the right systems and processes are in place to protect your data, people and business.

We can conduct security audits, assist with security procedures, configure and install firewalls, monitoring software and assist with business recovery solutions.

Your business and data is too important to risk being exposed or stolen.

Contact us to learn more about how our solutions can help you save time, money and resources on technology.